The Blu Plan…

Blu Organix Meal Plans offer freshly prepared farm to table meal plans for those individuals who desire to clean up not only their diets, but help Mother Earth as well by choosing to eat organic fruits and vegetables.

When you consume organic foods, your body and brain function at maximum capacity. You will feel your best as the nutrients feed your body without the harmful toxins and chemicals that are used to spray conventional produce.  The truth is, that choosing organic foods is one of the best choices that you can make for yourself, your family and the planet.

Here at Blu Organix we have made it affordable for everyone to eat healthy, organic food.
By choosing Blu, you choose to LOVE YOURSELF….who better than you?

This is how to get started...

Call us picky…

We source our ingredients from the best vendors. Our beef is grass fed, our fish is selected fresh daily from the very best seafood vendors in the market. Your health depends on our commitment to quality.

Delivered fresh, always!

We prepare our meals fresh daily, and deliver them shortly after, right to your door! Healthy living just met convenience.

Love yourself… Go Blu!