Blu Meal Packages

Choose from 3 Meal Choice Options:





The Signature Plan

The Organic Signature Plan that provides all the nourishment and energy required for your body to function and go about your day. Perfectly proportioned, balanced meals that offer taste and nutrition. This plan can also help you lose weight, although our Low Carb version is the optimal meal for weight loss.

The Vegetarian Meal Plan

For those of you who want to stay clear of meat, whether it walks, flies or swims, we have the Vegetarian Meal Plan. Our Vegetarian Meal Plan includes fresh organic fruits and vegetables, complex carbs and plant based proteins.

The Pescetarian Meal Plan

Pesce, the Italian word for fish, is being associated with people who add aquatic animals to a vegetarian diet. Pescetarians (sometimes called pesco-vegetarians) eat freshwater and saltwater fish and shellfish in addition to the fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs, and dairy vegetarians typically consume.